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WOS Judges Speak Out... What Gives a Competitive Performance the EDGE?

At one of our Sectional Championships, judges were asked the following questions, in an attempt to both inform AND perhaps inspire our skaters to great performances at this Sectionals, and beyond.

What is your definition of a Competitive Skater?

  • a skater who is driven by the pursuit of excellence
  • a skater who is able to pull it together under pressure
  • a skater who shows the fighting instinct - grits their teeth and gives every element their BEST effort
  • a skater who can consistently perform at his/her BEST or beyond in almost every competitive situation
  • a skater who obviously enjoys the challenge
  • a skater who shows the DESIRE and DRIVE to do his/her best at all costs, can show a personal best consistently in competition
  • a skater must have the willingness to make sacrifices for skating in order to achieve, with the conviction that the rewards are immeasurable
  • a skater who consistently shows high levels of training and conditioning, maximizing his/her ability, and demonstrates high aspirations for his/her performance
  • a skater that has the stamina, power and strength to cover the ice with power while completing the elements with consistency
  • a skater who demonstrates musicality, expression, performance qualities to connect the elements with full body commitment to the music
  • a skater who does it when it counts
  • a skater who skates with obvious JOY; those watching sense a total love of the ice and the sport arising from within the skater
  • when the choice could be "bail out" or 2-foot a jump landing, the skater somehow manages to get 1 foot under him/her and pull out a "landed jump"
  • the skater who shows an ability to focus clearly on each element done in a performance, and maximize the quality and detail within each

What do you feel gives one competitive skater an obvious edge over another?

  • a skater who shows an ability to listen, feel and skate to all aspects of the music in the program
  • a skater who skates with "soul"
  • a skater who demonstrates an outward confidence, with an obvious gift of talent too
  • a skater who shows an ability to mentally face the challenge calmly, positively and joyously
  • those skaters that go out and ATTACK their program and GO FOR IT any time they skate
  • those skaters that demonstrate a good, realistic and honest work ethic and discipline in training. It seems to SHINE THROUGH.
  • skaters that have an ability to perform consistently regardless of the external environment - an ability to FOCUS and get the job done
  • skaters who demonstrate an understanding of the importance of the quality and detail aspects of every element skated
  • obviously needs a good support team - coaches, parents
  • when the skater, music and program composition combine to send a special message - that perfect union skated with total conviction
  • energy and power!

Do you assess the "heart and soul" or "sheer competitiveness" of a skater in assigning your mark? i.e. a "gutsy" performance?

  • Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!
  • both are necessary for the ultimate performance
  • the skater who "goes for it" and falls will get more credit than the one who backs off, pops jumps, and might skate more cleanly (no wimping out, please!)
  • it is never a substitute for Quality, but can make a difference when many factors are equal.
Skaters, we wish you all the best of luck!



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