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Program Assistants & Your Club

Program Assistants will want to stay involved and contribute to a fun, results-oriented CanSkate program because it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Reminder For All Clubs

1. Program Assistants (PAs) must be registered as associate members with your club.

  • Skate Canada Rule Book [Rule 1202] states that "Any member who pays full, partial or no membership fees to your club must be registered as an associate or restricted member of Skate Canada each year."
  • PAs who are former skaters, no longer skating at the club and paying an ice cost (which usually includes the Skate Canada membership fee), must remember to be registered as an associate member.
  • Most clubs' policy would be to pay these PAs' membership fees since they are volunteering for your CanSkate sessions.
  • If PAs are not registered members, your club's insurance could be affected if these PAs are on the ice.

2. Training Program Assistants

  • Training is an important part of running a successful CanSkate program.
  • In order to meet Skate Canada's minimum standards, Clubs must conduct Program Assistant training. Program Assistant training is not optional.
    • Annually, meaning that all PAs are to be trained and re-trained annually.
    • Ongoing, in that it continues throughout the skating season. This could include an orientation session, mid-season training session, handouts and assignments and year-end wrap up.
  • The training must be conducted by a Skate Canada Professional Coach. By doing the training in the clubs, coaches are able to customize the sessions to benefit their club's needs. All the training information is in the Coaches' CanSkate Manual.

3. Retaining Program Assistants

  • Use of circuits and stations to guard against boredom.
  • Rotate group in CanSkate to allow Program Assistants access to all skaters.
  • Avoid overuse - rotate so Program Assistants do not have to be there every day.
  • Add responsibilities to older, more experienced Program Assistants.
  • Be sure to thank and show appreciation to Program Assistants.
  • Perks, e.g.
    • ice show numbers
    • pizza parties
    • club clothing
    • skating related gifts
    • flowers
    • recognition at year end banquet
    • Program Assistant of the Year Awards

4. Communicate the Benefits of Being a Program Assistant

  • PAs can give back to the club and beginning skaters
  • Teaches the importance of being a volunteer
  • Learn to be a role model
  • Provides coaching experience
  • Provides community or volunteer hours for school
  • Provides volunteer experience for their resume

5. Are you recognizing your PAs?

  • You and your club may recognize the hard work, commitment, and efforts that your PAs have contributed to the successful delivery of your CanSkate program.
  • The club may provide a gift of appreciation to your Program Assistants. This gift is at the discretion of the Club executive and can only be used for expenses incurred within the club, such as ice time, club dues, club clothing, competition entry fees. The gift cannot be exchanged for cash value at any time. The total value of such a gift shall not be greater than $50 per 10 hours volunteered ($5 per hour)
  • The Program Assistants Recognition System Policy can be found in the Skate Canada Rule Book - Organization Overview 2.4.
For more information contact
Carol Moir, WO Skating Programs Coordinator
519-686-0431, ext. 23



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