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Program Assistants Recognition Policy

The following guidelines have been provided to assist Clubs implement a recognition system for their PA's. It is based on communication received from Skate Canada.

Eligible Skaters

"The Club may provide a gift of appreciation to Program Assistants. This gift is at the discretion of the Club Executive and can be only used for expenses incurred within the club; such as club ice time, club dues, club clothing, and competition entry fees. The gift cannot be exchanged for cash value at any time. The total value of such gift shall not be greater than $50.00 per 10 hours volunteered ($5 per hour)."

Each club may interpret what "expenses incurred within the club" means for them, because many clubs operate uniquely in terms of club finances (some clubs include lesson fees by a Skate Canada Coach in their club dues, some clubs charge members strictly for ice costs plus Skate Canada membership fee, some clubs operate a skating boutique, etc). The most important underlying condition is that a club never gives a P.A. anything that cannot be considered an investment back into the business of the club, and the club is never in a position of "owing" anything to a skater who may no longer be participating in the club. (Mar. 2002)

Former Skaters

The following shall apply to P.A.s who are former skaters, no longer skating at the club, who wish to give their services, and who cannot use a reduction of club fees, competition dues, etc. as they are not actively skating in the club themselves.

These inactive skaters may be rewarded for their P.A. work in the following ways:

  • non-skating related gift certificates
  • club clothing
  • acknowledgment letter from the club for their resume/portfolio
  • used to fulfil requirement of volunteer work for high school credit or graduation (different policies currently in place in the province of Ontario and B.C. - call local school board for details)



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