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Clinics & Info For Trial Judges (& Evaluators/Judges)

Upcoming Clinics

  • None at the moment

Are you looking for a clinic? Contact Virginia Gillham (virginiagillham[at] if you are interested in a specific non-synchro clinic OR Andrew Bosco (andrew.bosco[at] if you are interested in a synchro clinic. These will be scheduled based on demand.

  1. STAR
  2. Juvenile Singles
  3. Novice Singles
  4. Senior Singles
  5. Senior Bronze Singles Evaluator
  6. Gold Evaluator
  7. Novice Synchro or Junior/Senior Synchro
  8. Pair and/or Dance

Information for Trial Judges

Skate Canada registration - Please ensure that you're registered with a Skate Canada club prior to the September 1st deadline. From Members Services at Skate Canada: "Skate Canada’s membership year runs from September 1 to August 31. Every official must be registered for the current membership year before taking part in Skate Canada’s programs, officiating tests or updating qualification."

Requirements for each promotion - Refer to the Skate Canada ODAQ (Officials Definition, Appointment and Qualifications Policy).

Timelines for submitting for promotion

  • Sr. Bronze Evaluator and/or Juvenile Judge submissions may be made at any time.
  • Gold Evaluator and/or Novice Judge submissions may be made at any time.
  • Junior & Senior Judge submissions may be made at any time.
  • Submissions to Skate Canada are sent in spring and fall.

Trial judging out of section with use of data screens - In the CPC judging system, elements are listed on judges' screens during a skater's/team's performance, and the judge then assigns the GOE. Element recognition has now become a challenge for the Referee to assess the ability of the candidate to identify elements, under-rotation in, and downgraded jumps. In order to assess this particular skill, the Officials Committee has recommended that trial judges:

  • Trial judge at least one complete event (SP + FS) independently, NOT using a data entry screen.
  • If all trial judge reports are completed for events that the candidate has used a data entry screen, then the trial judge will be required to complete an element ID skill assessment.
  • The element ID skill assessment consists of recording each element performed during the performance by the skater/team, and includes recording positive and negative points for each element, and for assigning a GOE.

Officials' deportment - Andrew Bosco's article is good food for thought.

Bring a flash drive! - If you are requesting trial judging and/or judging reports at a competition, you may be able to scan your sheets using a USB flash drive. After copying or saving your JPRs to your flash drive, give your original JPRs to the referee along with copy of the assessment form.

Under NO circumstances may you ever evaluate or judge above your qualification level.

Instructions for Trial Judges at Competitions

  • As a courtesy, contact the Event Referee prior to the competition to request a report for the event you wish to trial judge.
  • Please arrive with a clipboard, pencils, flash drive, and any other supplies you might need.
  • Complete judges sheets for the event, including the name of the event, skater's name, your name, etc.
  • Don’t sit in close proximity to other trial judges, or converse with other trial judges during warmups, etc.
  • Make and keep a copy or scanned image of your completed judging sheets for yourself.
  • Hand in your original judging sheets to your event referee or assessor immediately after the event, before the result is posted. Only by following this procedure can we maintain the integrity of the system.
  • If you need more time to prepare the rest of the documentation (Part A - self assessment, and Part B - your info at top) make arrangements with the event referee.
  • The referee will not likely be able to complete your report at the event, so provide him/her with a stamped, self-addressed brown envelope in which the completed report and your judging sheets can be returned to you.
  • Do not request a written report until you believe that you are ready for promotion. If you want to trial judge an event for experience only, you might arrange to discuss the event with the Referee.
  • If you do receive an unsatisfactory report, you should submit that report. The WO Officials Committee will review your reports and, if your promotion cannot be approved, will recommend a course of action specific to your needs.
  • If a completed report is on an event with fewer than 6 skaters/teams, consult with the Officials Committee for further directions re: additional reports.
  • Once you have the prescribed number of satisfactory reports, please do NOT request additional reports.

Updated April 2015

Western Ontario Section Trial Judge Expense & Reimbursement Policy

This policy has been initiated by the Western Ontario Section Judges & Evaluators’ Committee (the Committee) to ensure that a portion of the Committee’s funds are available to provide support in the form of an Education and Development Stipend to assist our Trial Judges, while ensuring that all aspects of the Committee’s mandate to provide education and resources to all our officials can be funded. This includes trial judging at events up to and including Western Ontario Sectionals. This is an annual stipend from April 1st of one year until March 31st of the following year.

  1. Due to limited resources, this stipend is geared toward supporting NEW trial judges AND judges currently qualified at the Novice level or above, who are contributing to the judging panel and actively pursuing trial judging.
  2. Please note: If the trial judge has remained at a certain level of appointment for 2 years while actively judging and pursuing promotion, and chooses to pursue further appointment, he/she must do so at their own expense.
  3. Trial judges may submit their mileage expenses for this Stipend to a total of $150.00 per season. These are to be submitted to the Section Judges Chair by April 1st each year and must include details of competitions attended to trial judge ONLY, with dates, locations, mileage and reports requested/received.
  4. Judges who have completed their official assignment at a competition and wish to return on another day to trial judge, may not submit the expenses for that day to the competition committee for reimbursement.   Rather, such expenses must form part of the annual stipend or must be supported personally.
  5. Judges Clinics: Candidates attending judges’ clinics must attend at their own expense. Expenses may not be submitted for mileage, meals, or hotels. Lunches and light snacks are provided at the clinics.
  6. Special Assignments: The Committee reserves the right to make special assignments beyond this Stipend.

This policy will be subject to regular review by the Officials' Committee. 

Western Ontario Section Judges’ & Evaluators’ Committee
[Printer friendly - 1p, PDF], revised: April 26, 2013

Skate Canada Officials' Code of Ethics [PDF]

This must be signed and submitted before you can be eligible to officiate as a registered Skate Canada Judge or Evaluator.



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