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Rule Highlights for Judges & Evaluators

ALL Ice Dance Tests May Now Be Skated SOLO

As of July 1, 2015 ALL ice dance tests have the OPTION to be conducted solo. This regulation change includes all dances, Preliminary through Diamond.

Preliminary Free Skate Test Program Length

The program duration for the test is set to align with the STAR event program times. As a result of this alignment the implementation will be completed in two steps with the full change implemented July 1, 2016.

  • Step 1. As of July 1, 2015 the duration of the Preliminary Free Skate program for test purposes may be 1:30 or 2:00 minutes in length (+/- 10 seconds).
  • Step 2. As of July 1, 2016 the duration of the Preliminary Free Skate program will be 2:00 minutes (+/- 10 seconds).

Senior Bronze Free Skate Test Part 2 (Program)

In STARSkate events the Sr. Bronze Free Skating Program has been altered to allow for five (5) jumps and two (2) spin elements. We would ask that in this transition time for the STARSkate program there be no penalty for a program meeting the event criteria.

  • Jump Elements: The passing criteria currently states 5/6 jump elements must be satisfactory or better, however the skater may only be doing five (5) jumps. In this case please allow 4/5 jumps to be satisfactory or better and one double jump must be satisfactory or better.
  • Spin Elements: The passing criteria currently states 2/3 spin elements must be satisfactory or better, however the skater may only have two (2) spins in the program. In this case 1/2 spins must be satisfactory or better and the combination spin must be satisfactory or better.
  • Programs that include 6 jump elements and 3 spin elements must meet the criteria as stated on the test sheet.

Reminder - When Asked to Officiate Out of Section

If you are asked by another section for a test day or competition, you are first to ensure that the person requesting you has already received permission from Susan Blatz for you to attend.

The Duties of Officials Section of Skate Canada's Policies and Procedures states the following: 3.7 Requests for an evaluator, judge, technical specialist or technical controller from another Section shall only be made through the appropriate Section Evaluators / Judges Chair.

Music Problems, Interruptions During a Competition

Review Application of Interruption Deductions [5p, PDF - from Skate Canada - Competitive, STARSkate & Adult, as of Oct 27, 2015], also see the WO Technical pages.

Family Members Officiating on the Same Panel

Please note the following motion that was recently (2015?) passed by the Skate Canada Board of Directors regarding family members on the same panel of officials:
Rule 2502-1

  1. Closely related persons* shall not officiate in any capacity in Qualifying Events (judge, referee, technical controller, technical specialist or assistant technical specialist) on the same panel.
  2. In Non-Qualifying Events closely related persons* may sit on the same panel provided no more than one is acting as a technical official on the technical panel (TC, TS, ATS, DIO, VRO) and no more than one is acting as a judge. Anyone acting as a referee cannot be a closely related person to any judge or member of the technical panel.
    *Note: Closely related is defined as husband, wife (or common law spouse), mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, sister, brother (or step mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother).

Conduct of Skating Skills Tests

As per the Skate Canada Skating Skills Test Manual (page 6) or the Technical Handbook under STARSkate Program, please ensure that you're conducting skating skills tests as per the test procedures. Each skater must complete all 3 exercises before the next skater starts his/her test. Thank you for being diligent in following this test procedure and ensuring consistency across the Section.

Qualifications for Judging & Refereeing STARSkate & Competitive Events

All Judges/Evaluators must meet Skate Canada's requirements including:

  1. have a Skate Canada Club affiliation
  2. have a current annual Skate Canada membership
  3. provide a signed Skate Canada Official's Code of Ethics to Skate Canada

Please note that officials with Evaluator status ONLY are not eligible to judge at competitions. Evaluators must have specific Judging qualifications to judge at competitions and must be assigned to the competition according to their judging level.

Skate Canada – Western Ontario’s policy is to use ONLY qualified officials at all WO sanctioned events - in the best interests of our skaters.

The following level of judges may judge STARSkate categories in a competition.
(Skate Canada Rule 7504). See page 7000-32.

[Printer friendly - 1p, PDF]

Competition Level
Judge Requirements
WO CanSkate and CanPowerSkate Singles Certified Instructors/Primary judge or higher
WO Pre-Preliminary and WO Preliminary Singles PRIMARY judge or higher
WO Junior Bronze Singles JUVENILE judge or higher
STARSkate Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary Singles, Dance, Pairs and Skills PRIMARY judge or higher
STARSkate Junior Bronze Singles, Dance, Pairs, Skills JUVENILE judge or higher
STARSkate Senior Bronze Singles, Dance, Pairs JUVENILE judge or higher
STARSkate SENIOR Bronze ** Skills ** PRE-NOVICE judge or higher
STARSkate Junior Silver to Gold Singles, Dance, Pairs and Skills PRE-NOVICE judge or higher
STARSkate Interpretive All levels PRE-NOVICE judge or higher
Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Pre-Novice and Novice Synchro NOVICE Synchro judge or higher
Junior/Open Synchro JUNIOR Synchro judge or higher
Senior Synchro SENIOR Synchro judge or higher
Biathlon *This event not held in WO. Compulsory, Creative Dance NOVICE Dance judge or higher
Triathlon Skills, Interpretive, Freeskate NOVICE judge or higher

Competition categories may be cancelled if qualified judges are not available, at the discretion of the Chief Referee/Technical Representative in consultation with the host committee. A category with less than 4 skaters may be combined.

For Triathlon events, every effort should be made to use the same panel for all parts of the event.

Under no circumstances may you evaluate or judge above your qualification level. If you are assigned in error to a test or event for which you are not qualified, please inform the Test Chair or Tech Rep immediately.

The following charts list the qualifications to judge or referee STARSkate and competitive events at invitational competitions. For further information, see the Skate Canada Rulebook, Association Policies & Procedures: Officials Definition, Appointment, Qualifications Policy (p PP-117 2009). Note that this policy states that your qualifications as an evaluator no longer have any bearing on your qualifications to judge in competitions.

Judging Level (in the discipline)


Preliminary and Lower, Pre-Juvenile Pairs and Dance

Sr. Bronze and Lower, Juvenile

Gold and Lower, Pre-Novice












Referee Level


Preliminary & Lower

Jr. Bronze / Sr. Bronze

Jr. Silver /
Sr. Silver / Gold









Dance Sequences Required in Tests and Competitions

Please note the minimum number of sequences (NOT always a round) to be seen at test days, from the Rule Book. You may sometimes need to cut back on the number of sequences (test day running late, partner having a coronary), but this should be the exception, not the rule. In no case should a dance test be stopped with less than one sequence completed.



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