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WO Technical Package

Western Ontario Competition Information Package

Topics Included

  • General Information - guidelines to be applied to all WO competitions
  • Categories offered at Western Ontario Non-Qualifying competitions, e.g. the various invitational competitions
  • Reference information for technical requirements for all qualifying categories
  • Categories offered at Skate Canada – Western Ontario Sanctioned Events
  • Technical requirements including:
    • WO Recreational Pre-Juvenile categories for Singles, Pair, Dance

General Information

  • The WO Competition Information Package has been prepared by the WO Championships Committee to document sanction requirements and to standardize categories for competitors with respect to solo length, event qualifications, event names and required elements.
  • Individual competition announcements will now include information specific to the event only.
  • WO Entry Forms must be used when registering for WO competitions, unless noted (e.g. Sectionals and WO STARSkate Championships use Skate Canada/Ontario prescribed forms)
  • If you have any questions, please contact the WO Section Championships Chair.

Categories NOT Included In the WO Technical Package

Technical requirements for Skate Canada Special Olympics, Skate Ontario & Ontario/Canada Winter Games qualifying events are not included in the package. Please refer to the WO Technical page for further documentation or to the Skate Canada Rule Book for descriptions, technical requirements and rules governing the conduct of events.



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