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WO Music Requirements

Skaters, don't forget
to pick up your music following your competition!

Music Requirements at WO Competitions
CDs are the ONLY format used at WO competitions.

NOTE: Information regarding the appropriate software programs to use in order to ensure CD’s are compatible with the WO music equipment is available from Skate Canada - Western Ontario (WO) Audio Personnel: OR see below.

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  1. Each compact disc shall be Premium Grade CD-R compact disc and enclosed in a single transparent plastic CD case. (DO NOT use CD-RW)
  2. Music on CD must be in CD Audio format (cda file). (NOT mp3; .acc or DVD)
  3. For quality it is recommended that you burn only music files that are in .wav format.
  4. Skater or Team should keep a CD in a safe place for COMPETITION USE ONLY.

Music Information

  1. Music information shall be completed in detail as required on Entry Form for each skater or team.

Music Registration

  1. Each skater or team shall register ALL music at the music registration desk.
  2. Each skater or team shall register 1 CD for each program (short, long, Short Dance, Free Dance).
  3. Recommendation: Each skater or team should carry a second copy of his or her music at rink side.

Labeling - NO STICK ON LABELS ALLOWED ON EITHER SIDE OF CD! (Labels can cause CD to jam in CD player)

  1. Each CD requires a VERSION # (Ver. 1) Date solo was created (mo/yr) on CD ONLY. When a skater’s music is changed the Version # will change and Date will reflect the date (mo/yr) of the change.
  2. Skater or Team name, category name, total music time and Home Club shall be clearly Printed on:
    a. Label on CD CASE back insert ONLY. CD must be visible in front of case.
    b. IDENTIFY CD - Use of CD that has a printable front
    - Writing on front of CD using a fine or medium point Sharpie. Do not use ballpoint pen.
    c. DO NOT write on recorded side of CD OR apply STICK ON Labels to CD.

Recording Specifications

  1. Only one program (using one track only) shall be recorded on each CD.
  2. Music shall be recorded on CD so that it starts within not less than .25 second and not more than .5 second after PLAY button is pressed on CD player.
  3. CD recording level shall be a normal, consistent listening level.
  4. Burning of Music to CD should be at Burn Rate SPEED of 16.

Revised: May 2013



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