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Role of a Coach


Role of a Coach

Coaches' Responsibility

WO Coaches' Conflict Resolution Policy

Proper procedure to follow if you need advice or have a concern:

    Step #1 - Go to your Club Coaches' Rep.

    Step #2 - Go to your Region Coaches' Rep.

    Step #3 - Go to your Section Coaches' Rep.

All issues or concerns must be in writing. Your Region Representative's name and Section Coaches' Representative's information is available on this Web site.
• See Coaching Committee

Club Professional Coaches' Representative - Job Description

This position is elected by the entire Professional Coaching staff in the club - could be held by any professional in the club (i.e., club or freelance contract)

Duties Include:

  • Remember that if you are elected as this Representative, you will be voting on behalf of the Coaches in the club - whenever possible, get the feedback of your Coaches so you know how to vote.
  • Should declare a 'conflict of interest' in areas such as Coaches' Wages / Contracts - in these cases should leave the meeting for this portion only. (Refer to Skate Canada's Conflict of Interest policy.)
  • Submit all names of your Professional Coaching staff to your Regional Coaches Representative at the beginning of each season.
  • Attend ALL club board meetings or assign an alternate if not possible to attend.
  • Distribute all necessary information to the coaching staff after each meeting.
  • Distribute any WOS. section information that you receive in the mail to all of your coaching staff.

- June 2000, Western Ontario Section Coaching Committee

Documents From Skate Canada

A Professional Club Coach Representative [2p, PDF]

A Professional Club Coach [1p, PDF]



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