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Updated Apr 13, 2017

Skate Canada Education Symposium, July 4-12, 2017, at NPC, Toronto

The Skate Canada Education Symposium is a new and exciting initiative of Skate Canada & the National Performance Centre aimed at providing best-in-class development opportunities for coaches, officials, clubs and skating schools from across Canada.

NCCP Transition: From Level 3 to National Coach

From Skate Canada - As a reminder, please note that effective September 1, 2016, the current NCCP Level 3 program will be replaced with the newly approved NCCP National Coach program. The following information will explain the equivalencies from Level 3 to National Coach. Please note that fully Level 3 certified coaches will be transitioned to National Coach certified.

Note from Skate Canada Regarding STAR & STARSkate Competitive Events Technical Packages

"Last season there were three STAR packages in total: STAR 1-5, STARSkate and Supplementary STARSkate. This season we have combined all three packages into one STAR Technical Program Requirements package." Note: revised Jun 23

Skate Canada Coach Education Scholarship

Congratulations to Lindsay Tarbutt from Western Ontario Section on receiving one of the first Coach Education Scholarships that were set up in honour and memory of the late Bethany Tory, former Skate Canada Chief Operating Officer.

2015-2016 WO Coaches Committee

2015-16 Wo Coaches Committee

WO Coaches Committee 2015-2016
Heather Morrison, Lisa Woodcock, Marilyn Holland, Kelly Giffen, Jacquie McGregor, Karen Collins, Cindy Brick, Jen Hoadley-Spence, Lynda Thompson, Sandy MacDougall, Wanda Backus-Kelly. Absent: Cheryl Huston

Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation

It is mandatory that all Skate Canada Coaches successfully complete the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Evaluation ONE TIME ONLY.

New coaches contact the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) at or 613-235-5000 ext. 1 to request your password to complete the MED Online Evaluation. The following information must be provided to CAC to acquire your password:

  • CC # (refer to your letter received at the Western Ontario CanSkate course)
  • Full name
  • Full mailing address
  • Email address
  • Date of birth

Once you have received your password from CAC click on this link Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation – Instruction Stream. To login to the Locker enter your CC # and password, click Login and go to eLearning. You will complete the Instruction Steam Evaluation. There is NO CHARGE to complete this evaluation.

Returning coaches who have not yet fulfilled this requirement must complete Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation – Competition - Introduction.

WO Coaching Awards & Annual Meeting, May 1, 2015

WO Coaches - 25 Year Pin

Coaches 25 Year Pins
L-R: Lisa Woodcock presenting the pins to Michele Docker, Leanne Kelley, Tamara VanScheyndel, Stacie Diemer. Absent: Mark Moore, Leslie Proctor-Foster, Kristi Provost, Paula Shortt, Marnie Smith

Shelley Barnett
Anne Schelter
Skate Canada Competitive Coach Award of Excellence
Shelley Barnett and Anne Schelter

Ron Shaver Lisa Woodcock
Lisa Woodcock Cindy Book
Skate Canada Club & Recreation Coach Award of Excellence
Ron Shaver, presented by Lisa Woodcock
Skate Canada Section Volunteer Coach Award
Lisa Woodcock, presented by Cindy Brick
JoAnn Batten Lisa Woodcock
Paul Tatton Lisa Woodcock
Coaches 50 Year Pin
Jo-Ann Batten, presented byLisa Woodcock.
Absent: Carol Shrumm
60 Years of Coaching
Paul Tatton, presented by Sandy MacDougall
Article on Paul by Skate Canada
Still Coaching AFter 60 Years

Paul MacIntosh, Skate Canada's Newest NCCP Level 5 Certified Coach

Paul MacIntosh

With thanks to Skate Canada

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