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Ongoing updates from Skate Ontario will be featured here. Going forward, #onetario!

2017 WO Annual General Meeting - Skating Excellence for 60 Years!

NEW From Skate Canada - Test Chair Guidelines

From Skate Canada - Club and Skating School Administrator Handbook

Clubs - Please Complete & Send to the Section Office

To-Do List for Clubs & New Members of Club Boards of Directors

Skate Canada Online Incident Report

The Online Incident Report is a tool that will allow Skate Canada to collect and analyze incident information. This reporting guarantees insurance compliance but also allows them to implement preventative measures and best in class safety programs.

Skate Canada’s Safe Sport Department encourages our clubs, skating schools and coaches to use the new Online Incident Report Form when an incident/accident occurs at the club, skating school or at any Skate Canada related event. All incidents must be reported to Skate Canada no later than thirty (30) days from the date of the incident.

To report an incident click HERE. This form is also available on the Info Centre, under Safe Sport.

Important note - Once the Incident Report is completed and submitted, a copy is automatically sent to the email address identified on the form. We recommend keeping a copy of the incident report for the club and/or skating school’s records.

For all inquiries regarding the online incident report, please contact Skate Canada's Safe Sport Department at or 1.888.747.2372, ext. 2583.

Test Sheets Now on Skate Canada's Info Centre

All test sheets for Free Skate, Ice Dance, Skating Skills and Interpretive Skating are available on the Info Centre. STARSkate program information is now located in one convenient location on the Info Centre.

Commemorative Milestone Plaques

Is your club celebrating a milestone anniversary? If you would like to receive a commemorative plaque, please complete the following form and return it to the Section office. The plaques are compliments of the Section in recognition of your long term commitment to our sport. Milestones to be recognized are 25, 50 or 75 years.

Skate Canada Awards Program for Clubs & Members

Each year, our clubs and members are invited to nominate a special Club Volunteer, Coach or Skater for a Skate Canada Achievement Award, to be presented at the Western Ontario Section or Skate Canada Annual Meeting. Note that in most cases the deadline for nomination is February 15.

To our Clubs, please promote and participate in these awards within your clubs and regions! Fill in the application and include letters of support as to why your applicant should receive the award. It's an opportunity to recognize and celebrate our wonderful ATHLETES AND VOLUNTEERS!

25 & 50 Year Pins

Does your club have any volunteers who have been active in our sport - as an amateur coach/program assistant, Board Member, official, club volunteer, etc. for 25 or 50 years? Remember, consider the TOTAL number of years of volunteer service. Please submit a completed Volunteer Pin Application to the Section Office by the beginning of March for presentation of the pin at the WO AGM.

From Skate Ontario - CanSkate Kits

CanSkate kits have been distributed to every Ontario club as of fall 2014! Take a look at the attached flyer of all the great items included in your kit.

With thanks to our partners in this project: Skate Canada, The Province of Ontario and Canadian Tire.

Check Out the WO Programs Page

Some great resources for your Club...

WO Regions & Regional Councils

Did you know that Western Ontario Section is comprised of 9 regions? Each region has its own Regional Council, with an executive. Regular meetings are held to discuss such matters as regional test days, skater development programs, and to act as a forum for an exchange of ideas.

Each Region is represented on the WO Site. We'll update as info is provided by our Regions, i.e. contacts, test days, special events. We're counting on YOU to let us know what's happening in your Region! Please contact Carol Moir with info.

Information provided by our Clubs annually through the WO Skating Programs Survey is included here.

Tips for Club Test Chairs

Check out the Tips for Club Test Chairs maintained by the Section Officials' Committee for info on:

  • Judges & Evaluators List for Test Chairs - available on the WO Members Only site
  • Dance Tests - Which dances can be soloed or not?
  • Codes Used in the WO Evaluators'/Judges' List
  • Sample Forms for Your Test Day
  • Contact the WO Officials' (Judges) Committee
  • and more...

Skate Canada 10 Year Volunteer Pin

A 10 Year Volunteer Pin is available for clubs to purchase from Skate Canada's online store, should they wish to acknowledge their 10 year volunteers. This includes ALL who so generously volunteer their time, including club volunteers, board members, program assistants and officials too. The product number is 083900067B, and the price, $10.

'Fun Day' and Club Competitions - WO Section Policy

The Section has become increasingly aware of Member clubs hosting or conducting “FUN DAY” Club events within their specific club. The Section reminds you of the definitions relating to Club Competitions.

Notice to Coaches & Club Test Chairs Re Use of Planned Program Sheets for Freeskate Tests

For all Skate Canada freeskate tests, skaters are requested to submit a completed Planned Program Sheet to the Test Chair prior to the test day. Test Chairs are asked to provide completed forms to the evaluator on test day.

Skate Canada Use of Helmets Policy

All Skate Canada member clubs and skating schools who offer a CanSkate program must ensure all CanSkate and Adult CanSkate participants up to and including Stage 5 must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice.

Western Ontario Section Skating Bursary

The Skate Canada – Western Ontario Board of Directors has established the Skate Canada – Western Ontario Bursary Committee to oversee and provide our skating membership via the member clubs in Western Ontario, an opportunity to complete the application for skating members in financial need. The Committee will also be responsible for the annual Athlete Awards of Achievement, based on criteria currently under review.

The Skate Canada – Western Ontario Bursary Committee reviews applications twice per skating year. Submissions must be received no later than November 12, 2016 and February 12, 2017.

Volunteer Development

Club News & Events

Do let us know if your club is holding a special event or program. Please submit your announcement via e-mail to Regrets that we cannot post all club carnivals unless they're being held in conjunction with a special milestone.

WO Forms

Please check out the Forms Page for Section forms relating to Clubs, and WO Competition Reports & Forms.

From Skate Canada - Notice About Re:Sound & Club Registration

Member Services Update, Jul 3, 2014

Re:Sound: In the past few weeks, many clubs/schools may have received an invoice from Re:Sound. Email communication went out to all clubs/schools in the summer and fall of 2013 stating the need to identify to Re:Sound whether or not your club/school has held ice shows in the past several years. If a club/school did not declare to Re:Sound, then Re:Sound reserved the right to invoice for full payment of the tariff related to ice shows for ALL years back to 2008. If you have received an invoice from Re:Sound, your club/school likely did not identify whether or not it had done ice shows in recent years.

If your club/school has not held an ice show since 2008, please advise Re:Sound of this fact. Otherwise, you must submit directly to Re:Sound the required calculation forms available in Members Only under Clubs and Schools > Re:Sound Information:

  • Form T5E to identify ice shows held 2012 and earlier with which payment is to be remitted for an ice show held during 2012
  • Form T5E to identify ice shows held in 2013 with which payment is to be remitted for that ice show

Club Registration: Watch for the 2014-2015 club registration package coming in August 2014. Please note that this year, the registration package will only be distributed electronically. Please be sure that the email address in your club’s contact information in Members Only is correct and that your club’s board of directors listing is also up to date.



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